For thirty years I have explored the rugged terrain of the island of Kefalonia. With this in mind, I propose a novel approach in the search for inspiration that is the prerequisite of every artistic creation. By facing nature, we face ourselves. We will begin this artistic journey by an immersion, perhaps a kind of baptism, in the clear turquoise waters that surround these rocky shores so particular to the Ionian Sea.

If genius and talent are a grace, any person can get to create an aesthetic work of art that is unique and of high quality. Living offline in a natural area is conducive to the improvement of creative thinking, to developing a sense of the marvelous, as well as sharpening our skills in observation, concentration and the clarification of ideas.

What we seek is precisely this creative alchemy which generates the transformation of the natural mineral world into a work of art created by human hands. I suggest that you take the time to develop this rapport with the mineral world, with the Earth’s movements, with the fluidity and transparency of water, all sources of our inspiration.

Immersion and observation are the basis of our artistic process, but work and the mastery of techniques appropriate to each art, whether stone or earth, are the tools of our approach. Without these our creations would remain ideas without substance.

The artist is a worker who applies appropriate techniques. We hope that by transforming the object of our artistic approach, Nature, we can transform ourselves. We can become more sensitive, more… artist.