Pebbles Stack Balance Over Blue Ionian Sea

Dates: May 20th – 3rd June, 2020


The first week will start on the 20th of May with a boat trip to the Ionian Islands bordering Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Comparing this experience to an Odyssey, it is indeed an artistic journey around Ithaca, the island home of Ulysses. It is a journey in search of inspiration, with an artistic, not a touristic itinerary, a journey to dive into the depths of ourselves in the search for our most intimate, rich, and sensitive elements, echoed by our dives into the deep waters of the Ionian Sea. explanations on the history of the earth in this part of Greece and the nature of the rocks and strata will be given.

Back in Kefalonia, with the help of ceramic and mosaic techniques and materials, each student will  produce an original work, not a copy of a painting  or of another mosaic, using a flat or 3D support. The work will be based on photographs taken during the voyage at sea, found materials and materials that will be provided. Each student will be personally  guided in his artistic choices and in the techniques he wants to use, whether clay, porcelain, marble, glass slab….

Professors: Micheline Divaris Lambert.

11 Oct    Arrive at 13.15.  Transport to Divarata.  Welcome meal in the evening in the picturesque fishing village of Aghia Effimia.

12 Oct    Inspirational Boat trip around Ithaca (weather permitting!) gathering reference photos/sketches. Later followed  by a group discussion, evaluating our findings from the boat trip and planning our individual artworks.

13 Oct    Drawing out our final designs onto the substrate. Then, an introduction to the use of porcelain clay, to create our sculptural ceramic pieces.

14 Oct    Finish making our porcelain pieces and allow them to dry.  In the afternoon we will take a trip to the infamous  white pebble Myrtos Beach nearby.  Here the vivid turquoise water will still be warm from the summer’s sun, perfect for a paddle or a swim.

15 Oct    A full day in the studio cutting mosaics.

16 Oct   While our porcelain is still cooking, we will drive to the capital, Argostoli for a morning visit. Here you can go shopping, visit the local archaeological or folklore museums, or take a stroll along the stone-mosaic  promenade in the harbour. In the afternoon, back at the studio, we will continue to cut out the mosaic pieces.

17 Oct    A full day in the studio where we will be placing and fixing our mosaic pieces.

18 Oct    Continue with mosaic creations in the morning.  Afternoon visit to the Roman mosaic in Skala, with time for a  swim and relax on Skala’s long, sandy beach.

19  Oct   A full day mosaicing in the studio.

20 Oct    Half of the day will be spent in the studio, the other half visiting the colourful harbour of Assos, with it’s iconic view of the isthmus.

21 Oct     A full day working to complete our mosaics.

22 Oct     Hopefully, with our mosaics finished, we will have time to visit the affluent yachting harbour of Fiskardo.  In the evening we will have our farewell meal and reflect on our experience.

23 Oct     Transport to airport.  Flight departs 14.10

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