Art historian and archaeologist Micheline Divaris-Lambert turned to the Applied Arts very early in her career.

She studied Ceramics at the Watermael Boisfort Academy of Fine Arts, but it was in Athens and also in her contact with Italian masters that she discovered the form of Contemporary Mosaic.

Micheline has been living and working in Kefalonia for the last 5 years and has established her ceramic and mosaic studio here. Her aim is to search for the essence of beauty in the heart of the material, cutting and synthesising continuously to create a cohesive work of art from these scattered pieces which are the tesserae.

Kneading clay and porcelain, rolling the slabs, pinching and shaping, slip casting, firing and glazing…

All to create a unique work of art, a mosaic.


Art History and Archaeology
Catholic University of Louvain, UCL

European Center for Conservation of the Architectural and Urban heritage
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, KUL

Academy of Fine Arts Watermael-Boitsfort (Bruxelles)

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